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37 Thorncliff Place, Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 6L5


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    Estelle Lauzon
    Let me just start off by saying I did not choose this doctor, he was a referral. Had I known about this guy, I never would have gone to him. Our son has had chronic constipation since birth. We daily had to bend his legs and push poop out, sometimes with blood because they were so big. As he got older, he would sit on the toilet, shaking, sweating and crying. We was finally lucky to find a doctor who requested an x-ray. His colon was completely blocked. They even suspected that he had feces from as early as birth... he was now 5. I was worried it could be something far more serious. Doctor Sisto had been informed of all this. What he decided to do was put him on powdered laxatives for almost a year and a half. He also suggested we bribe him in eating fatty foods in order to give him diarrhea. He said McDonald's burgers are the best to give him diarrhea (don't I know it). He also said to give him a nickel every time he ate something healthy. I said that doesn't make sense: he eats fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread etc so I don't understand why I should be paying him to do something he already does. Months passed and at every visit, he kept saying "keep him on the powder. It's working". Eventually, I was to give him A DOLLAR every day. I said "who's dollar? Yours? I can't afford that, this is ridiculous! We've been coming to you for over a year and that's all you tell us to do." At that point, I had enough and he could tell I wasn't happy with him. As soon as I started to question his method, he became distant and rude. He said "I've been doing this for x amount of years." I said "not with my kid! Maybe he needs something different". This laxatives and diarrhea-filled fiasco has been going on long enough. For over a year he has liquid poops every single time he sat on the toilet. I decided to stop going to him and figure something else out to help my son. I eventually decided to go see a wonderful naturopathic doctor. She spoke to him, spoke to me, inquired about his birth (he was a preemie), about my pregnancy (I developed HELLP syndrome) and everything in between. She examined him, was caring and concerned. We first decided to remove dairy from his diet. Within 2 months, he was eliminating twice a day, his cradle cap had cleared up and he's now happy and healthy, off powdered laxatives and only on probiotics in the morning, as suggested by his new doctor. We never "gave" him diarrhea. We didn't pay him to eat what he was already eating. Dr Sisto is a horrible doctor who doesn't know his elbow from his ass. Absolutely terrible. I can't say enough negative things about him. Would not recommend to anyone. And follow your instincts!! Doctors don't know everything. Like my dad always said: "Not every doctor passed with flying colours. Some just had passing grades". Well, that's Doctor Sisto in Ottawa!!
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