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4285 Strandherd Dr, Ottawa, ON - Unit 8, Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario K2J 6E8

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    Jennifer Morris
    Update on my review the vet agreed to pay for pre op services at another veterinarian.Thank you it’s very much appreciated!! I would not recommend Citigate Animal Hospital.....ever!!!!!300.00 plus dollars spent for nothing!! We made an appointment to have our dog neutered,explained on the phone that his surgery would not be typical.They assured us they could do the surgery and gave us a rough estimate on the cost.
    Also explained to the the vet at the the pre op appointment his circumstances.Again the Vet reassured us that the surgery could be done at Citigate.They took blood and did a pre op exam.We then proceeded to make an appointment for his surgery.
    I stopped by Citigate today (our dogs appointment was this Monday)just to confirm his appointment and the pre op procedures we would follow at home only to discover they cannot do the surgery!!!
    Paid for pre op check up blood work and they do not do these surgeries!!!Unbelievable!!!Feel like we’ve been scammed!
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