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1375 Greely Lane, Greely, Ottawa, Ontario K4P 1A1

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    Wes Oldroyd
    Stagra charged additional money for a mistake that they made.
    I replaced the front struts and stabilizer links in my vehicle and a couple weeks later I took the vehicle into Stagra for front wheel alignment. The vehicle ran smooth with no noises prior to the wheel alignment work done by Stagra. The only issue was the steering wheel was not centered. After getting the vehicle back there was a clunking noise immediately noticed. The technician should have noticed the clunking if they had taken the vehicle for a test drive after doing the work. There was no indication of a test drive on the receipt. I believe a test drive after doing maintenance is normal practice for most garages. I called Stagra back and they asked me to bring the vehicle in for inspection. My wife took the vehicle for the inspection and they told her that the 4 bottom bolts of the struts were loose and they had to tighten them. They charged my wife $50 additional to tighten the bolts. When I called back to question the issue I spoke with the front desk and she indicated that the bottom bolts were loose and it was 1/2 hr to fix. They said that who ever changed the struts forgot to tighten them. I told her that the noise didn't exist prior to the alignment and I also informed her that the 4 bottom bolts need loosening to allow for the camber adjustment for a wheel alignment and that your technician had to loosen them in order to do the adjustment. She put me on hold and went to talk to the technician. After talking with the technician they changed their statement and now said that it was the stabilizer link bolts that were loose. She got the technician to call me back. When I spoke with him (John) he said it was 3 stabilizer link bolts that were loose and one bolt loose on bottom of the strut. By saying that there was one on the bottom of the strut loose he just admitted that the technician left one bolt loose. This leaves me to believe that everything they are saying is untruthful. He then got defensive and told me that I can blame him if I want and then he hung up on me. He was very rude and untrustworthy. Since this issue I have to talked to others in our area about this garage and I have heard similar comments from them.
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